Conveniently located at the heart of Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan, HOTEL CAMELOT Japan lies near the Yokohama station, which provides easy access to Tokyo, Asakusa, Akihabara, Kyoto, or virtually any other place in Japan.





Hotel CAMELOT Japan offers a variety of wedding styles for your dream wedding. Our banquet halls are suitable for a wide range of needs, from lavish parties to luxurious formal dinners. Up to 500 people can be accommodated.



Wedding Photo Service


Capture your happiest moments on film while wearing a beautiful kimono or a dress! Hotel CAMELOT Japan is the perfect setting for photographing your wedding celebration. We offer traditional settings like our charming Shinto shrine or traditional Japanese garden*. A small reception after the photo shoot is available.

* Reservation is needed.





■Shinto Shrine


■Japanese style tearoom


■Sky garden





The kimono, a traditional Japanese dress, is available to wear.
The kimonos used are authentic and have been used in traditional Japanese weddings. Some kimonos are made and sold to be used overseas as imitations. We promise that we use only authentic kimonos for you on your wedding day. Photographs can be taken in our garden, tea room, and shrine. Enjoy a wedding album that evokes traditional Japanese culture!*
*Reservation is needed.

This plan includes:
-Hairstyling -Gown fitting
-A white silk kimono for the bride
-A crested kimono for the groom
-Professional indoor and outdoor photo shoots, depending on your preferred location.


Wear a luxurious Western-style wedding gown that has been delicately decorated with Japanese craftsmanship. Also included is a professional photo shoot in a location of your choosing. Both Western and Japanese style dresses are available for the photo shoot at an optional rate.

This plan includes:
-Gown fitting
-A Western-style wedding gown for the ceremony
-Tuxedo rental
-Professional indoor and outdoor photo shoot (with several locations available)


There are many auspicious ingredients and dishes for wedding ceremonies. Japanese cuisine is known for its variety, color, and gorgeous presentation. Enjoy dishes made with the finest ingredients on your wedding day.

*Some dishes may use meat or raw fish, so please let us know of your food preferences at reservation. Please also inform us of any food allergies.